Don't open that link: USPS warns of email scam

WASHINGTON -- The United States Postal Service is warning residents to keep an eye out for an email scam that has been circulating the country.

Officials say the scam involves fake emails that claim to be from USPS officials -- including the postmaster general. In it, scammers tell recipients about an unsuccessful attempt to deliver a package and prompts them to enter personal delivery information by clicking a button or downloading an attachment. If recipients do that, it can activate a virus and steal information such as usernames, passwords and financial account information.

The USPS is working to identify the person(s) behind it. Meanwhile, the service asks recipients of suspicious emails to forward them to and then delete the email immediately -- reminding everyone not to open any links or attachments.

Also, poor grammar and/or spelling errors, an "immediate action" statement and a request for personal information -- even under the guise of confirmation -- are all signs of scam emails, the USPS says.