Donate your used cooking oil to Fusion Renewables

MILWAUKEE -- Those looking to dispose of pan drippings and cooking oil leftover from the holiday feast can donate to Fusion Renewables.

The company is collecting used cooking oil that will be converted to bio-diesel oil that will be used locally. The program is called "Cream City Grecycling."

For every gallon collected, the company will donate $1 to help the homeless in Milwaukee.

"Everything that we do here really stays local. We collect locally. We distribute locally, and the Milwaukee Rescue Mission is about helping people here locally in the community," Amanda Mielenz said.

Fusion Renewables is a marketing, blending, and distribution company focused on supplying to customers the chain of biofuels products including ethanol, biodiesel, vegetable oils, catalysts, and other blend stocks. 

The company can blend different grades of biofuels with petroleum fuels to achieve customer required blend ratios. 

The Grecycling collection begins Monday, November 26th. Oil can be dropped off at 1726 South Harbor Drive.