Dominican HS hosts 4 schools to celebrate Catholic Schools Week: 'It's really a blessing'

MILWAUKEE -- Several schools in Milwaukee's North Shore gathered Monday, Jan. 27 to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. They're hoping it'll become a new tradition.

Leanne Giese

Dominican High School invited the four other Catholic schools in the area into their school on Monday to pray. The mass is a way to kick off Catholic Schools Week. It's an effort nationwide to celebrate Catholic education.

"It'll get us excited to know that this number of families really support Catholic education and want this faith-based education for their children," said Leanne Giese, Dominican High School President.

"Catholic schools are really a gift, and they are really a treasure. To be able to have one week in the year when we celebrate it when we share the good news with the rest of the community, it's really a blessing," said Rebecca Jones, St Eugene School Principal.

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week

Rebecca Jones

This is the first time all the schools have come together like this. St. Eugene, St. Robert, St. Monica and Holy Family all fitting into the Dominican High School gym.

Administrators say they hope the kids will remember this moment of unity.

"To see all of us together, 4-year-old kindergarten, all the way up to 12th grade. It's a unique experience for them," said Jones.

The schools say they hope to continue finding ways to bring all the students together.