Dog's owner devastated after chocolate lab shot and killed in Kenosha

KENOSHA -- Kenosha police are investigating a case of a dog being shot and killed on Sunday, December 2nd. The dog was apparently outside without a leash while Elsa Laluz and her husband were putting up Christmas lights in the front yard of their home near 36th Ave. and 88th St.

The dog named Jordan wandered and when it returned to the front porch, it collapsed and died shortly afterwards. It was found that the dog had been shot.

"Jordan was in the backyard, and we decided since we were in the front, to let Jordan with us. We do that every year -- put up Christmas lights and Jordan's with us. It's really, really hard for me to accept that he's gone," Elsa Laluz told FOX6 News.

Jordan was a four-year-old chocolate lab. 

Laluz says she had been outside for about five minutes -- putting Christmas lights on bushes near the porch, when she spotted Jordan coming towards her from the driveway.

"He was like, gasping for air, and that's when I realized he was bleeding through his mouth. At first I thought my dog was bitten by an animal," Laluz said.

After rushing Jordan to the vet, Laluz learned Jordan had been shot near his heart.

"I did not hear a gunshot. Even if it's a block away you can hear a gunshot, but when we looked at my dog, the vet showed me how the bullet penetrated," Laluz said.

The front porch remains stained with Jordan's blood. 

"If my dog was to be shot anywhere else, there would be drops of blood coming down the street. There was nothing," Laluz said.

Now, Kenosha police are trying to determine where the shot came from. A detective met with the vet on Tuesday, December 4th and officers are checking the neighborhood.

"People say 'well, he wasn't on a leash,' but he was on my property. He was just laying there, playing back and forth," Laluz said.

Laluz says she could understand if the dog had attacked someone, but said she fails to see how that could happen in such a short amount of time. She says Jordan was a gentle dog. 

Anyone with information that could help in this case is urged to call the Kenosha Police Department's Detective Bureau at 262-605-5203 or Kenosha Area Crime Stoppers at (262) 656-7333.