Dog tied to bathroom sink for a week after owners evicted

STOCKTON, Calif. - A small dog named Autumn is recovering from a serious neck injury after she was left abandoned and tied to a sink in a Stockton home, according to KTXL.

On Monday, Autumn had a fever, swelling, and tubes punctured throughout her neck. But the 6-pound terrier mix is a sweet-natured fighter.

"Considering what happened to her, you would never know the pain that she’s been through because she doesn’t even show it," said Autumn's foster parent Christine Schamber.

Schamber has been taking care of Autumn since she was found in Stockton last week.

"It was horrific," Schamber said. "You could just see the inside and she was just wrapped up in a blanket."

Volunteers with Kate’s Rescue for Animals have been chronicling Autumn’s story on Facebook. They say her cries for help were heard by a property owner, who found her with a severe cut around her throat after she was left by evicted tenants. She was tied up to a bathroom sink with a bowl of Raisin Bran, which is toxic to dogs.

"Her injuries were severe. I mean, one, she was probably in that chained up situation for probably months," said Dr. Robert Santos, a veterinarian with the Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital in Turlock.

Santos said veterinarians performed a skin graft and she's currently on antibiotics.

"She’s eating and she’s doing really well," Santos said.

The veterinarian says Autumn will be kept at their hospital overnight for observation but they expect her to go back to her foster home Tuesday.

In time, the people who have cared for Autumn hope that her former owners are brought to justice and that she'll find a loving, patient home.

"My hope for Autumn is that she gets healthy and we find her an amazing home, where she will be just be loved and taken care of for the rest of her life," said Kim Dunn, who volunteers with Kate's Rescue for Animals.

Autumn is a little scared at first but she does grow comfortable around you once she gets to know you. She will be adoptable within a month. Visit Kate's Rescue for Animals to find out how you can adopt Autumn.