Dog flown from California to Indiana after owner's death

ZIONSVILLE, Indiana – It’s been a long journey for a Golden Retriever named Reece.

Her owner recently passed away in California, and she didn’t have anyone left nearby to take care of her. Reece ended up in an animal shelter, but a friend of her owner rescued her.

With the help of a program called Pilots N Paws, she's bringing Reece to her former owner’s parents, who live in Anderson. Leanna McKissack with Pilots N Paws helped arrange the reunion.

“We reached out to an organization called Pilots N Paws. Basically they contact pilots who want to volunteer their planes and their times to come fly Reece, pets home -- either rescued pets or pets that really need a new home,” said McKissack.

Reece’s first flight took her to Colorado. She spent some time with a foster family in Kansas before arriving in Zionsville Sunday afternoon. She’ll go home to her new owners this week.