"Doesn't surprise me:" Wintry weather lingers into April in southeast Wisconsin

MEQUON -- The snow came down fast and furious at times in southeast Wisconsin Friday night, April 7th. Without a doubt, the low visibility made drivers a little uneasy.

The roads were quickly covered as the snow fell at a very fast rate. Luckily, like a lot of spring snow, it started melting quickly as well and the roads dramatically improved.

"It was really bad for about 20 minutes. I looked out the window and I'd say we got about an inch in 20 minutes," said a driver.

"I remember it snowing in May, so it doesn't surprise me." said a driver.

Milwaukee's Department of Public Works (DPW) has a total of 93 salt trucks on a roads since 7:00 p.m.

FOX6 News compiled a list of traffic incidents from the following counties:

Milwaukee County – Not enough accidents to compile numbers for.  No more accidents than what takes place during normal travel.

Waukesha County – No accidents so far.

Kenosha County – No issues on roads thus far.

Racine County – A dispatcher said there hasn’t been any accidents/vehicle spinouts since she started her shift this evening at 7:00 p.m.

Ozaukee County – A dispatcher said there has been several accidents and several vehicles in the ditch.

Washington County – No accidents or vehicles in the ditch so far.

Jefferson County – A dispatcher said they didn’t have any accidents or vehicle spinouts to report right now.

Sheboygan County – Have had some accidents and some vehicles in the ditch, but no specific totals/numbers for either category.  A dispatcher said things haven’t been too bad today compared with other days when it has snowed.

Walworth County – No accidents or vehicles in the ditch so far this evening

Dodge County – No specific numbers compiled for accidents or vehicles in the ditch, but there have been a couple of both accidents and vehicles in the ditch so far Friday night.  None of those have ended up being severe or substantial in nature.