"Doctor Cadaverino" headed to Horror Host Hall of Fame

KENOSHA -- Some fans of the former TV6 will remember Doctor Cadaverino's late-night antics on the "Nightmare Theater" show, while others will simply remember his frightening face! Regardless of which camp you fall into, most southeastern Wisconsinites will be happy to learn local television legend, Doctor Cadaverino is heading to the Horror Host Hall of Fame!

Doctor Cadaverino, is also known as Jack DuBlon, and even Albert the Alley Cat, who once did the weather with the Channel 6 newsman.

Kenosha-based horror host - Doctor Destruction, continues to scare through his weekly, local cable-access show.For the past year, Doctor Destruction has been sending letters, pictures and videos to the folks who organize the annual "Horror Hound Weekend" event, in an attempt to get Doctor Cadaverino inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame!

"He just did so much cool stuff, and he seemed edgy. He was dangerous, and I think that's something that he brought to it, that made it unique," Doctor Destruction said.

Doctor Cadaverino's freakiest fan says he's honored to be leading the local legend's posthumous induction. "Jack DuBlon, Doctor Cadaverino has so many fans up in Milwaukee. I always hear mention of him. If someone discovers my show for the first time, they always bring up Doctor Cadaverino, and I love talking about Doctor Cadaverino," Doctor Destruction said.

HorrorHound Weekend is this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. The induction ceremony is Saturday.

"Doctor Destruction's Crimson Theater" airs weekly on Channel 14 in both the Milwaukee and Kenosha areas.