"Do the right thing:" 18 kittens abandoned in plastic tote outside Fond du Lac Humane Society

FOND DU LAC -- Officials with the Fond du Lac Humane Society are encouraging people to "do the right thing" when it comes to unwanted pets -- after 18 kittens were found abandoned in a tote outside their facility Monday, October 9th.

According to a post on the Fond du Lac Humane Society's Facebook page, the kittens were left in the tote in an uncovered dog drop gate.

They also discovered an additional empty tote, and fear there were cats or kittens in that tote -- because they were initially alerted to this issue when a cat wandered in between the dog play yard and pond Monday morning.

Officials are now stressing that "much like a hospital with abandoned, unwanted babies," they have an uncovered dog drop on the east side of their building for dogs, and a large, secured, stainless steel kennel on the north side of the building (on parking lot side) of the building for cats.

In an update Monday evening, officials said they've determined all 18 kittens are of varying ages, and if there was a mother, Mom wasn't in the totes found at the shelter.

They said the older siblings have been cuddling with and cleaning the babies that are too young to be without their mother.

As to where the mother could be, it's a mystery. Humane society officials said there were two totes found and only one lid -- found laying away from the totes.

"Did the older cats knock the cover off? Were the kittens in the uncovered tote? We just don't know. Right now we are just taking care of them all," officials said on Facebook.