'Do I look a little nauseous?' Vets recovered engagement ring swallowed by Pointer pup Pepper

PRETORIA, South Africa -- Veterinarians in South Africa recovered an engagement ring swallowed by a Pointer puppy named Pepper.

Officials with the Valley Farm Animal Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa on Feb. 3 shared photos of Pepper, her X-rays, and the recovered ring on social media.

They said they had to give Pepper special medicine to make her vomit so they could get the ring back.

The Facebook post read as follows:

"My name is Pepper. Do I look a little nauseous? That's because the vet has just given me something to make me vomit! Not because the vet is a meanie but because I ate my Mom's engagement ring!!! Don't ask! It seemed like a good idea at the time!! Anyway not long after this the muti did it's stuff and up came Mom's ring As good as new. Or I'd say even better as she'll always have our story to tell."

As of Wednesday, Feb. 12, poor Pepper's predicament had been shared nearly 5,000 times.