DNR board approves putting another 5,600 acres up for sale

MADISON — The state Department of Natural Resources' board has approved putting another roughly 5,600 acres up for sale.

The 2013-15 state budget required the DNR to sell 10,000 acres by mid-2017 to help pay down debt in the stewardship program. The board in 2014 approved putting about 1,400 acres up for sale.

The DNR brought a recommendation to the board on Tuesday to sell about 5,900 acres to local governments, adjoining property owners and the general public. The board removed about 265 acres in Oneida County from the recommendation, saying that area needed further study, but approved putting the rest of the acreage on the sales block.

The agency is studying other parcels and plans to bring a third and final round of recommendations to the board in September.