DMV urges voters to get IDs sooner rather than later for November election

MILWAUKEE -- With the presidential election just eight weeks away, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles wants the public to understand how to obtain identification, free of charge, that is valid for voting.

Most people already have valid ID for voting purposes, such as a drivers license, ID card, military or student ID. If you are not sure if your ID meets the requirements, the Wisconsin Elections Commission website can help.

If you need to get a new ID to show at the polls for voting in November, the DMV offers free IDs and has a voter ID Petition Process (IDPP) to help if the required documents are not readily available.

First, visit or at a local DMV customer service center. The DMV's website has a locator to help you find the nearest DMV and check wait times.

To obtain an official identification card, there are certain documentation requirements. But if all documentation is not available, the ID Petition Process can be used to quickly obtain a receipt valid for voting while the documents are obtained.

The DMV offers this IDPP service free of charge if needed for the purpose of voting.

Those looking to vote should follow these steps soon -- voting is Tuesday, November 8th.