DIY holiday treat

The holidays are here and that means get together and parties We have the perfect DIY treat that is sure to be a hit.  

Step 1: Cut pretzels in half down the center. Dip edges of each pretzel half in Marshmallow Fluff, then press onto the top of each Milano cookie. Dab a little powdered sugar on top of the Fluff, so it doesn’t stick.

Step 2: Flip the Milano cookies over, placing them on a parchment-lined baking sheet or tray.

Step 3: Place frosting in a piping bag with a No. 3-sized round piping tip—or use a resealable plastic bag with a corner snipped off—to draw three circles on each cookie: two for the eyes, and one at the bottom for the nose. Press a mini M&M into the center of each melted white chocolate circle, forming the reindeer’s eyes.

Step 4: Top the final blob of icing on each cookie with a red M&M, "M" side down.