Disturbing video shows dog being dragged down Memphis street

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A video showing a moving truck dragging a dog down a Memphis street is getting attention from local authorities.

It's still unclear what led to the dog being dragged. Memphis Police tell WREG they think it was an accident since they never received any calls about it. Neither did Memphis Animal Services.

The person who shot the video said on her Facebook page that she stopped the truck and told a woman who was driving that she was dragging the dog. The driver said she didn't know.

But now that Memphis Animal Services officials have seen the video, they want to hold someone accountable.

They sent WREG a statement saying, "Unfortunately, at this time there is not enough information for us to identify the driver in order to investigate this matter. If anyone can identify the driver, or has a license plate number, they can contact us."

"Stuff like that makes me sick. Turns my stomach, because I really love dogs," Joe Franklin said. "If it's an accident, that's something different. But just continuing and dragging the dog, something needs to be done about that."

If the driver did forget their dog was tied up, then Memphis Animal Services says that's still a problem. They say always check what's in and around your vehicle before driving off.

"If you'r dealing with children, animals, doesn't matter. Always be aware of your surroundings please."

Officials agree, saying pets are no different than people walking in the street or kids left in cars.