Digital diary apps to help you keep track of your thoughts

The apps that can help serve as your digital diary to help you track everything from your thoughts to your mood in 2020!

“Dear diary,” it sounds like something only teenagers might do, but journaling apps are a popular way to keep track of your thoughts, experiences and even your daily mood!

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Here’s a look at some popular options!


Reflectly is a guided journaling app that asks you a series of questions like how was your day, what did you do and how did you feel.

Entries are called ‘stories’ and they’re easy to complete.

Reflectly is free for 7 days and $48 a year after that.


Daylio helps you keep a personal diary without actually writing, just pick your moods and activities, and if you do want to add some more context, you can include notes, too.

The app helps you create goals like watch more movies, read or eat healthy, and it tracks your achievements!

There’s a calendar to help you see your daily mood at a glance.

Pay $24 for the yearly premium plan for the ability to lock the app with a pin and more.


Journey lets you set a passcode for free and can even store your entries in Google Drive for safe keeping. It also has apps for pretty much any platform.

It’s very close to a digital diary, with time stamped entries and ways to add where you are, who you’re with, how you feel and attachments like photos.

Plans are a bit confusing, pay a monthly membership or once for lifetime premium!

Day One

If it’s a standard digital diary you’re after check out Day One. It’s super straight forward with time stamped entries in a variety of formats, including video, audio, photos, drawings and even scans.

$35 dollars a year gets you all the features and you can even turn your entires into a printed book at the end of the year.


Finally, if you’re focused on becoming more mindful, Jour can help.

The app will nudge you with questions like how do you feel right now. along with motivational quotes to help guide you and you’re always free to start a new entry.

Premium is $60 a year and it gives you the ability to add photos and access a library of lessons on gratitude, self confidence and more.

My picks are Day One if you want a standard journal and Jour if your focus is more on mindfulness.

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