Did your child’s school bus pass inspection? FOX6 Investigators reveal the results

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — This database contains Wisconsin State Patrol school bus inspections for Southeast Wisconsin in 2017. Some reports may have missing information. If you have questions about a particular inspection, call Wisconsin State Patrol at (262) 785-4700.

These inspections are sorted by bus fleet numbers, which are different than the bus route numbers school districts assign. The fleet numbers are directly on the buses, as pictured; the route numbers are usually detachable. Please double-check that you are typing in the bus’ fleet number, not the route number.

If you can’t find your child’s bus, the vehicle may be new and not yet added to this database. It is common for buses to switch routes, so there is a chance different buses are picking up your child on different days.

Click here for the FOX6 investigation into which bus companies had the most and least violations. Click here for our investigation into why school buses with safety violations were marked as "approved" to pick up students.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for terminology that can help you read the inspections. To better understand school bus violations, you can read Wisconsin’s School Bus Inspection Manual.

FOX6 Investigators:

Southeast Wisconsin School Bus Inspection Database