Did man strike deer with truck accidentally, or intentionally?

PORT WASHINGTON (WITI) -- Surveillance video shows a truck slamming into a deer in Ozaukee County -- and now, investigators want to know whether this was an accident, or was intentional.

It happened in Port Washington on April 27th.

We Energies surveillance video shows a truck plowing into a deer. Police say the driver is 28-year-old Michael Cox.

After the collision, surveillance video shows the man appear to take pictures of the deer lying in the roadway.

Jeffrey Scarbrough says following the incident, Cox told him all about it.

"Definitely an interesting guy. Did not like his attitude whatsoever," Scarbrough said.

Scarbrough took a look at the surveillance video on Tuesday -- showing high beams flashing at deer nearby.

"Flashed his lights to entice (the deer) I would think. It's disturbing. I don't know why he would do something like that. I definitely wouldn't let him enjoy wildlife if he's just going to abuse it," Scarbrough said.