Did a 42-year-old nurse in Italy intentionally kill as many as 38 patients because she found them "annoying?"

ITALY (WITI) -- BUSTED? Police in Italy have arrested a nurse whom they believe may be connected to the deaths of as many as 38 patients. According to the New York Post, police believe the nurse may have killed these patients because she found them or their relatives annoying.

The New York Post says police recovered a cell phone belonging to the 42-year-old nurse, on which they found a photo of the woman giving a "thumbs up" next to a patient who had died moments earlier.

The nurse was taken into custody by police this past weekend. She was booked for the alleged slaying of a 78-year-old woman who died from an injection of potassium.

The New York Post reports the 78-year-old woman had been admitted to the hospital with a routine illness before she died unexpectedly.

That woman's death triggered an investigation that uncovered 38 others who have died mysteriously while this 42-year-old nurse was on duty.

The New York Post says an Italian newspaper interviewed a fellow nurse, who described this 42-year-old nurse as "a cold person, but always eager to work."

The Post says another colleague accuses this nurse of giving powerful laxatives to patients at the end of her shift in an effort to make work tougher for nurses working after her.

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