Derrick Dupar pleads not guilty for fatal shooting during attempted robbery

MILWAUKEE -- 20-year-old Derrick Dupar pleaded not guilty Wednesday, November 21st for a fatal shooting in February. He will stand trial in the case.

Dupar is charged with felony murder in the death of 42-year-old Archie Vanlandingham.

A criminal complaint says Dupar killed Vanlandingham during an attempted robbery near 23rd and Cherry. 

According to the criminal complaint, Dupar had Jeremiah Gould set up a meet with Vandlandingham at 23rd and Cherry St. on Milwaukee's north side. The meeting was supposed to involve the sale of two $20 bags of marijuana.

Dupar, Gould and Christopher Robertson set up a block away from the meeting site, and waited for Vandlandingham to show. The complaint says Gould told police he saw Dupar approach Vanlandingham's car, and fire his gun into the car. Once shots rang out, Gould and Robertson drove off, leaving Dupar at the scene.

Gould says Dupar told him that he shot Vandlandingham because he thought the victim was armed. Gould told police he neither he nor Robertson received any compensation for this robbery turned murder.