Delaware Burger King shut down after video showed rodents running across burger buns

WILMINGTON, Del. -- A fast food restaurant in Delaware was temporarily shut down after video surfaced that's not for the squeamish!

It shows rodents running through hamburger buns at the Burger King restaurant on Route 202 in Wilmington.

The footage was posted on social media, prompting an immediate investigation by state health inspectors on June 1. Their report says inspectors found rodent droppings in and outside the hamburger and chicken rolls.

The video below is courtesy Shantel Johnson:

Additionally, officials said the plastic on the rolls had been chewed, and the pallets the rolls were on had rodent droppings.

A leak was also spotted in the kitchen ceiling, and flies were seen coming from a drain not far from where the rolls were stored.

Officials were back at the restaurant on Monday, June 4 to re-inspect it. They found all the violations had been fixed, and the restaurant was allowed to reopen.