Delafield police officer joins daddy-daughter dance class in uniform -- and a tutu

DELAFIELD -- A Delafied Police Department officer is receiving a lot of praise for joining his daughter at ballet class in his police uniform -- and a tutu.

Valeria Anne Stern-Dixon owns Petite Pas Ballet School in Delafield. She shared in a Facebook post the story of the daddy, daughter dancing duo.

Adorable photos from the dance class show the officer practicing his plié, toe points and jumps. Nice form!


Officer Walker was not alone. Stern-Dixon says the class was part of of the ballet school's annual "daddy and me week."

Read Stern-Dixon's complete Facebook post below:

"So, this happened today at my studio Petite Pas Ballet School. This beautiful human who was on duty - slipped on a tutu so he can dance with his ballet princess today for daddy and me week. I emailed the chief to be sure it was good to post these and he was totally good with it (who wouldn't be, right?) 

These moments are just magic. Simple magic. These moments remind us that our officers are dads, moms, uncles, brothers, aunts, sisters (and the list goes on and on) too. These moments make our daddy & me week so worthwhile. The squeals, giggles, laughs, the "daddy look at me" comments from the girls - heart warming!

All my ballet dads are amazing - many who I know since the day we opened five and a half years ago - my ballet babies are quite lucky to have such beautiful families. I adore them all. We are truly the luckiest to have such amazing ballet families at our studio. THEY make the hard work worth every second of every day.

This was my view at work today. Do you see why I can’t get enough? Ever!"