'Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe': Group rescues infant, toddler stuck in vehicle after tornadoes

CANTON, Texas — A man captured footage of an amazing rescue Saturday afternoon after tornadoes pounded Texas and left a father, toddler and infant stuck in a vehicle surrounded by fast-moving water, WFAA reports.

Driver Phillip Ochletree was leaving his home with his children to get away from the tornadoes that were headed in his direction. While driving through flooded streets, Ochletree hydroplaned, causing his vehicle to roll over and fill with water.

As Tom Mitchell was driving in the area, he discovered the overturned truck with several people stuck inside.

Mitchell told WFAA that he knew he wasn't strong enough to help, so he started filming the rescue. Video shows several people surrounding the car, trying to pry open the doors and free the family.

Eventually, they were able to free one of the babies, who was then limp.

While the rescuers attempted CPR, a woman started praying.

“Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe,” she prayed. “Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe."

"Well the first prayer she said, I felt a response in that child," Mitchell told WFAA.

Fortunately, the rescuers were able to resuscitate the baby and the toddler.

Ochletree posted to social media that the baby is doing much better and that the toddler remains hospitalized, but stable.