Deal hunters head to Rummage-A-Rama at State Fair Park

WEST ALLIS -- The old saying one man's trash is another man's treasure is the idea behind Rummage-A-Rama at State Fair Park. This event has must-haves to the unusually hard to find Christmas presents.

Vendor Tim Gill says, "We might have anything from antique collectibles, craft items, handmade jewelry, blowout liquidation type items. So we have everything here."

Though every shopper is looking for something different, they all agree that they're at Rummage-A-Rama to get the deals. If you're looking for Christmas gifts, Vendor Gordy Anderson says he has it all. "It's a trip down memory lane. There's old things, there's new things, unique things, different things," says Anderson.

At Anderson's shop, the ball is in the customer's court. People can shop around, find the deals and barter. 

If you missed Rummage-A-Rama, you can catch the next one in January.