Deadline for energy assistance in Milwaukee Co. is May 15: 'We all can use a little help with the bills'

MILWAUKEE -- The deadline for Milwaukee County residents to apply for energy assistance is May 15.

In an effort to help as many people as possible, the Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services is providing extended hours through May 15 for homeowners and renters to apply for the program which provides a one-time average benefit of $550 for eligible residents to cover a portion of their energy costs.

“Our energy assistance program helps more than 50,000 Milwaukee County residents every year, but that’s less than half of the families who could benefit. I’d highly encourage everyone to reach out and see if they can get some extra help with utility bills going into the summer," said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele in a news release.

“Many people think energy assistance is only for households that are behind on utility bills, and we do help those people, but energy assistance is much more. Anyone that pays a utility bill should see if they qualify. People are surprised when I tell them how high our income limits are -- a family of four can have an income of $51K and still qualify -- and we all can use a little help with the bills," said Diane Zettelmeier, program coordinator in the release.

Extended hours are:

    You can schedule an appointment by calling 414-270-4MKE or CLICK HERE.

    There are also flexible walk-in options at six service locations: