Daycare holds fundraiser for Azana salon shooting victim

WAUKESHA CO. -- A daycare teacher is shot while visiting the Azana spa just over a month ago. Now she's on the road to recovery, but she's got medical bills. We're not naming her out of respect for her privacy. Now her friends are trying to get other people to pay her bills in exchange for some really cool stuff!

"I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before, no," says Neal George.

George is in charge of the All About Learning center in Oconomowoc. Though it's a daycare right now it looks more like an auction house.

"We have Packer tickets, Bucks tickets, Brewer tickets." Autographed items, a Harley jacket, a Coach purse. All of it up for auction. All of the proceeds going to one of their teachers -- a victim of the Azana salon shooting in October.

“They are one of the most liked people here and that's why everybody wanted to reach out because everybody cares about that person a lot," says George.

The idea to hold a fundraiser was first raised about two weeks after the shooting but it wasn't until one generous daycare parent came forward that the auction began to take shape.

"A parent came to us, the same parent that gave us the Gilbert Brown shovel, and said 'You know, what if I were to donate an item and you guys could try to sell it for her?'"

From there it took off. Everything in the fundraiser was donated by employees, parents and the daycare itself. Raffle tickets are being sold for the gift baskets and smaller items while the silent auction lineup is filled with priceless pieces. There's no estimate as to the total value of it all but then again that's not the point.

"We didn't know we were going to get this many items, we didn't know people were going to take to it like this and yeah we have no idea how much we're going to end up with here but we're just trying to do as much as we can."

The auction is open to the public. To bid on any of the items simply call one of the All About Learning centers or stop by one of their six locations. For that information simply go to If you're interested you better hurry. The auction and raffle end Monday just after 6pm.