Day one of gun deer hunting season in the books

MILWAUKEE -- It's the busiest time of year for the state's Department of Natural Resources. But day one of gun deer hunting season is down, with eight more to go. Some hunters call it "Christmas in November." Others even take vacation to take full advantage of the nine days of deer hunting.

He's not mounting this on his game wall.

"This was kill number one the only one," said Mark Lesko of Burlington. "That's just a four pointer."

Lesko bagged his first buck of the gun deer hunting season.

The Department of Nature Resources is anticipating better numbers than last year.

"Herd is in a good population number so the weather could be better it's a little warm but it seems at least here a lot of people have been seeing deer," said Marty Johnson, a DNR spokesman.

And that was the case for Tim Daniels.

"I think that's the biggest one I've seen," said Daniels.

It was the four o'clock hour, the sun was setting, and just when Daniels thought he came up short.

"He (deer) come in the woods I was in about 100 yards away stood up and he looked at me I put crosshairs on him and down he went," said Daniels, talking about the 10 point buck he shot, making it his biggest kill lifetime.

"I just want to get that turn to brag about stuff, that's what I'm really hoping for," said Mike Daniels, the son of Tim, who is now trying to step up his game on Sunday as he waits for his first kill. But for Lesko, gun deer hunting season is more therapeutic.

"I'm out there whether I see a deer or not it's just so peaceful and calm," added Lesko.

There were nearly 40 deer registered here in Paddock Lake that includes hunters in Kenosha Racine and Walworth Counties.