Day care teacher under fire after video surfaces showing children throwing rocks at 4-year-old

ARKANSAS -- An Arkansas day care teacher is under fire after reportedly ordering students to throw rocks at a child to teach him a lesson.

Parents weren't happy after seeing cellphone video of children throwing rocks at a 4-year-old boy. A teacher at Teach 'n Tend Preschool and Nursery filed a police report saying she witnessed the boy pick up rocks and throw them to the ground.

Another teacher reportedly told the other students to throw rocks back at the child to punish him.

Officers said this occurred in April on the day care center's playground.

"You put the eye out, hit them in the mouth that means you gotta take your child to the doctor. You're gonna pay medical bills, and they're allowing these kids to do that? Why? And you're a teacher, and you're watching these kids. People are paying you to watch their kids and this child is getting rocks thrown at him," one parent said.

The Forrest City Police Department is investigating.