'Date My Sister:' 3 Milwaukee sisters get creative in attempt to land a date during the pandemic

MILWAUKEE -- For months now, health officials have been recommending not interacting with anyone outside of your household. That makes dating kind of tricky. But these three sisters got creative to find a date during a pandemic.

Allison Keller says she has tried everything to find "the one" in Milwaukee. And nobody knows that better than her two sisters -- Lauren Stratman and Brooke Stratman.

"She's been catfished. She's been stood up, what hasn't happened, honestly," Eliopoulos said.

When the coronavirus pandemic limited traditional dating options, the sisters got creative. They made an Instagram called "Date My Sister" and let social media do the work.


"We have actually found true joy in this. You have to just take your small victories during this quarantine period with COVID and all of that," Eliopoulos said.

The sisters then set up a lineup of video chats – and it worked.

"It's kind of like the most bang for your buck if you will," Keller said.

Once stay at home orders were lifted, Keller met two of the guys in person and one she plans to see again.

"You have to do something different if you want different results," Keller said.

Milwaukee sisters create "Date my Sister" Instagram account

Her sister's learning the importance of getting out of your comfort zone.

"Putting yourself out there gives you this confidence, gives you this high, and it makes beautiful things happen or multiple people," Eliopoulos said.

"I think in the end it's just been an amazing experience for all of us," said Stratman.

The sisters are now using the Instagram account to help other singles meet online. They said they are exploring all options -- including turning it into a business -- to keep the matchmaking going.

If you're interested, check out their account.