Dangerous cold extends into Milw. as we begin the work week

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- We are expecting dangerously cold weather as we begin this work week -- and it is looking as though Monday will be the worst. According to FOX6 Meteorologist Vince Condella's forecast, Monday's high temperature could be around -12!

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a wind chill WARNING has issued from 6 p.m. Sunday, January 5th through noon on Tuesday, January 7th.

Condella says wind chill values are expected to drop to the -35° to -50° range during much of this time period.

The wind chill warning means the combination of very cold air and strong winds will create dangerously low wind chill values. This will result in frost bite and lead to hypothermia or death if precautions are not taken.

Eliezer Medina and his buddies took to Pulaski Park in Milwaukee on Sunday for a little sledding fun in the snow.

"We heard it was going to be really cold for the next few days, so we took the chance to come out here today," Medina said.

The cold expected to extend into Milwaukee this week is some of the coldest weather to hit the city in two decades!

"I've got two pairs of jeans on -- I've got this jacket right here, ski mask, hat, gloves -- and it's still cold," Medina said Sunday.

The thermometer was in low single digits and falling by evening.

The Wind Chill Advisory in effect is prompting a warning from Greenfield Fire officials.

"With the frigid cold weather it's important that family members check on their elders.  If they're going outside, that they're dressed properly and aren't exposed too long to the cold weather," Greenfield Fire Lt. Paul Sustachek said.

Fire crews will be carrying hand warmers, de-icers and battery chargers.

Many schools announced they would close Monday, as the temperature is expected to fall to around 15-below -- not including wind chill.

On  Milwaukee's south side, Pastor Luis Vergara opened his church as a warming center.

"It's getting freezing cold out there, and recently as we were watching the news, keeping track of what's going on we were inspired to do something," Pastor Vergara said.

Vergara said he planned to keep the facility's doors open for 72 hours -- so that anyone who needs a warm place to go has one available.

"We're providing coats and clothing, hats scarves for those who need it. As long as it fits and it's available for them, they can take it," Pastor Vergara said.

Authorities are asking people to check on family members and neighbors -- especially the elderly.