Dad, second man charged in dog attack on son

FOND DU LAC -- A pair of men have been charged in Fond Du Lac County with their connection with an alleged dog attack in which one of the men's teenage sons suffered multiple dog bites.

58-year-old Richard Lisko and 43-year-old Joel Kennedy made their first court appearances on Thursday, September 6th.

Prosecutors say Kennedy and his son went to visit Lisko, a sheep farmer. He accused the two of stealing gold coins last week. The criminal complaint says as payback, Lisko used German commands to send his dog on the attack.

Prosecutors say Lisko then asked for the victim's father's help to hog-tie the teen to a wooden post -- and sent the dog in again. Prosecutors believe the teen was tortured for more than an hour.

In court Thursday, prosecutors say the teen's father helped Lisko, believed to be a member of the Milwaukee Outlaws biker gang, fearing what would happen if he didn't.

Defense lawyers are telling a much different story. A lawyer says the teen confessed to robbing Lisko -- and while trying to contain Kennedy's son, the dog, which the attorney says had been previously beaten by the teen, went on the attack.

The injuries to the teen are said to be minor.

Bail for Lisko was set at $100,000. Kennedy's bail was set at $50,000.

If convicted, the two face between 13 and 19 years in prison. Both are due back in court next week.

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