Dad left gun in 8-year-old's backpack – how he got it back led to his arrest

MIAMI – A Florida father faces multiple charges after he put a handgun in his son's backpack and forgot to take it out before dropping the boy off at school Thursday morning, police said.

Had he notified authorities things might have ended differently for 53-year-old Ramon Nuiry, but the Miami father instead decided to go to Kendale Elementary and retrieve the weapon hmiself, according to the Miami Herald.

Nuiry asked school employees to call the boy and ask him to bring his backpack to the main office. Another parent happened to be watching when Nuiry pulled the gun out of the boy's bag and tucked into his waistband before walking out of the school, according to an arrest record obtained by the paper.

The concerned parent called police, who reviewed surveillance video and waited for Nuiry to return to pick up his son that afternoon. Officers arrested Nuiry and booked him on charges of possessing a weapon on school grounds, improper exhibition of a weapon and possession of a concealed firearm. He was released on a $17,500 bond, according to WPLG.

The Miami Herald reports that Nuiry confessed, but didn't explain why he initially put the gun in the backpack.

Another parent, Jessica Colon, told WPLG that her daughter is in the same class as Nuiry's son, and that the boy never took the gun out at school.

"He just opened his book bag, he saw in the book bag, he said, "Oh,' (he) closed his book bag, and I guess in that time frame is when the father came," Colon said.

A spokesman for Miami Dade County Public Schools issued this statement Thursday night:

“The actions of this irresponsible parent who would risk the safety and security of children and others by storing a weapon in his child’s bookbag are abhorrent and reckless. It is extremely fortunate that this incident was handled quickly and safely, without any disruption to the school day.”