D- rating: Survey reveals Wisconsin drivers are the 5th rudest in the nation!

MILWAUKEE -- A new study has revealed Wisconsin drivers are the fifth rudest in the nation!

The survey is part of Kars4Kids.org's Drive Human campaign, aimed at increasing courteous driving awareness and promote better driving habits.

According to Kars4Kids officials, the survey shows many Wisconsin drivers have openly admitted they would steal someone's parking space. Wisconsin got an F-rating when it comes to whether we would steal someone's parking space, according to the survey results. We're the worst in the nation!

The survey asked drivers in 50 states the following questions:

How aggressively do you respond to slow driving?

Wisconsin got a C- rating.

Do you let a car merge in front of you in heavy traffic?

Wisconsin got an F rating!

Do you respond rudely when being tailgated?

Wisconsin got a B- rating.

Do you use your turn signals?

Wisconsin got an A rating!

Would you steal someone's parking spot?

Wisconsin got an F rating

Would you speed up to stop someone from passing you?

Wisconsin got a D rating!

According to the survey, when it comes to "courtesy by region," the west is actually the best. The Midwest is second best.

As for "courtesy by age," turns out, older drivers are nicer, and women are nicer than men.

When it comes to the states with the most courteous drivers, Idaho ranks #1, and New York is dead last. Wisconsin falls at #46.

CLICK HERE to take a look at the complete survey results via Kars4Kids.org.

Kars4Kids.org officials said one of their main goals is reminding drivers that you share the road with other people -- not faceless vehicles. They hope that their campaign results in a safer and less stressful summer on the roads. They have also partnered with Driver's Ed schools across the country to include in their curriculum a courteous driving guide that they have created, and said they've received positive feedback from educators.