Cute or creepy? Mysterious dolls popping up in Missouri county

FESTUS, Mo. – Some think it is funny; others think it is just downright creepy. Dolls are popping up in Jefferson County, Missouri, and no one knows why.

"They're getting pretty good where they are putting these; putting them where they are going to be seen," said Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis. "This one was at a major intersection."

All the dolls look similar. They are very realistic. People living in the community said it is not only the dolls that are creepy, but where they are placed that is strange.

"When we found this one, it was laying in front of our building," said Angela Ravellette. "We picked it up, and it was the doll. They've been hanging on top of stop signs, laying in front of the license office."

Chief Lewis said it is all fun and games, but said he’s worried someone is going to get hurt.

"As you can tell, it looks like a little girl," said Chief Lewis. "The hands are sewn to the face. No face on it. If you were to see it from behind, it looks like a little girl. If you’re out and about and you see that, it looks like a little girl crying, against a pole, and someone is going to stop. In this town, people are good-hearted. People are going to stop to make sure that’s not a child. They are going to get hit, or they are going to get run over, and then you’re dealing with a catastrophe.”

Chief Lewis said they do not know where the dolls are coming from, or who is putting them there.

"That's what we think it is -- somebody wants attention," said Chief Lewis. "They think it's funny. They’re giggling as they see people stopping."

Prank or not, Chief Lewis said to be aware of your surroundings.

"We think it's a joke, but if someone thinks it's a child, and they take steps to get that child out of traffic, and they get injured, it's not a joke anymore," he said.