Cudahy High School protestors blame school administrators

CUDAHY -- A group of families and friends of a teenager who committed suicide last week protested outside of Cudahy High School. They're angry with how the district deals with bullies. The family of Alida Guerrero, a 15-year-old sophomore at the high school say, her tragic end resulted from severe bullying from her classmates. She's the third Cudahy High School student to commit suicide in the past 13 months.

"She dressed Tom-boyish and I know the girl was making fun of her saying she was a lesbian, her and her friends were lesbians because she didn't come to school in high heels and skirts every day," said Tatjana Guerrero, the older sister of Alida Guerrero. "I'd do anything to have her back and it's just hard that I have to think about my life without her."

The family says they contacted school officials several times about the taunts and threats directed at Elida Guerrero, but they said the were not satisfied with how the school responded.

"They just say walk away walk away that's all they say," said Tatjana Guerrero.

The school district would not talk specifically about any of the suicides that have happened in the last year. However, the superintendent Jim Heiden told Fox 6 earlier this week that the district is working with several agencies trying to prevent future incidents. He said there is already a suicide prevention program in the middle and high schools. However, the Guerrero family says they're not effective, and they don't effectively punish bullies.

"Who knows how many other children at this point right now are walking around being bullied that may have these thoughts on their mind and nothing is being done," said Rita Mendez, the grandmother of Alida Guerrero.

While there have been three suicides in the last 13 months, Alida Guerrero is the only one where a family has said it was caused by bullying.