Craigslist ad offers free tickets, parking and $75 Badgers game

The Wisconsin Badgers are headed to Indianapolis Saturday to take on Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game, and the good news for fans is, you can get tickets for cheap, or even free, and that's just the beginning! One Craigslist ad is looking for seat-fillers for Saturdays game, and is not only offering free tickets, but also free
parking and they'll pay you $75 to go! But is this ad too good to be true?

Many are wondering how many fans will make the trek from Wisconsin to Indianapolis for Saturday's game, and one Craigslist ad-poster is trying to find people interest in an event in downtown Indy Saturday. The person must tolerate noise and crowds, and must have red or dark green causal clothing to wear. Sound familiar? The ad offers free admission to the game, free parking, and $75.

The ad has Badgers' fans shopping at the Name of the Game in Mayfair Mall Thursday afternoon surprised. "I'm kind of floored actually, because they have such a huge following, Badgers fans will go anywhere to watch the game," one fan said.

The Big Ten Conference sent out a tweet on Twitter Wednesday, saying the conference is not paying fans to attend the game. FOX, who will broadcast Saturday's game, also denies paying to fill seats. The original Craigslist ad has been taken down.

UW says they've sold over 13,000 of their 15,000 tickets for the game. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy seats 63,000 fans.