Coyotes getting more aggressive: Beginning December 1st, there's a new plan of attack in Greenfield

GREENFIELD -- Coyotes are getting more aggressive, and Greenfield officials are set to enact a new plan of attack. Beginning on Tuesday, December 1st, officials will attempt to trap coyotes in Greenfield.

Coyotes have been roaming neighborhoods in southeastern Wisconsin with new-found boldness.

"All of a sudden, the attacks are up," Captain David Patrick with the Greenfield Police Department said.

The coyotes have targeted smaller dogs -- and several dogs have been killed by coyotes in southeastern Wisconsin over the past few months.

"They kind of lost their fear for humans. Coyotes are following people around," Captain Patrick said.

Coyotes have become increasingly aggressive in many communities -- including in Greenfield. There have been several coyote sightings near 84th and Coldspring.

"One of the aldermen was walking his dog by the electric company adjacent to a school and was attacked by a coyote. We actually had a dog killed," Captain Patrick said.

That incident helped to spur an already-developing plan to eradicate the coyotes. Following a public meeting, police are now getting more aggressive.

"We also have a team of specially trained officers that are actually going after the coyotes. Basically, we are setting up the coyotes and drawing them out and we are going to eliminate those coyotes," Captain Patrick said.

Working with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials, they came up with several ways to combat the issue.

"We are going to hire a professional trapper to trap some of the coyotes," Captain Patrick said.

They'll be using a cable restraint trap.

Greenfield coyote traps

"They are no kill. There is a bit put out -- a scent that draws the coyote. Basically, they are caught on kind of a slip collar," Captain Patrick said.

The traps will be put into place on December 1st. We're told they will be clearly labeled in the areas where the coyotes have been spotted in the past.