Doctors urge trust in COVID-19 vaccine; some remain hesitant

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is now being administered for emergency use around the U.S. -- but not everyone wants it.

Many Americans remain skeptical and hesitant about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. With distribution underway, hope is on the horizon.

"The way this was developed, it was developed the right way," said Dr. Jeffrey Pothof with UW Heath. "I feel very comfortable recommending this vaccine to patients I come in contact with. I trust it that much."

However, not everyone is ready to roll up their sleeves for a dose.

"I’m really hesitant in trying the vaccination," said Robert Brox of Milwaukee.

Dr. Jeffrey Pothof

Kiara Dailey questions the speed in which Pfizer's vaccine was developed. Thousands of Americans participated in trials.

"I don't want it at all," Dailey said. "I just don't trust it. It's too soon."

A recent AP poll found that just half of American adults plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine. For the Black community, there is a history of distrust in vaccines."It was done safely. We understand that it performs very well and we know the rate of adverse side effects is exceedingly low," said Pothof.

Dr. Tito Izard

"The main question is what all Americans have. I just don’t know enough about it," said Dr. Tito Izard.
Doctors, like Izard, are working to boost confidence in the vaccine. He says he will get vaccinated when it is his turn.

"One of the things all of us in health care we should be doing is not only becoming as educated as we possibly can, but also how can we effectively communicate this message to our patients," Izard said.

Doctors say that years of research made the speed of the vaccine's development possible.

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