Court records: Man arrested amid search for missing Hales Corners woman has history of mental illness

HALES CORNERS -- Hales Corners police say partial human remains of an unidentified person were found at the Emerald Park Landfill in Muskego on Sunday, March 20th. This, as police continue to search for a missing 68-year-old Hales Corners woman. Police said Sunday she is "most likely deceased." We are also learning more about a 40-year-old man arrested amid this search.

Search for missing 68-year-old Hales Corners woman

Police say an investigation into the identity of the remains found at the landfill is underway -- and the search for the missing Hales Corners woman continues.

The search began on Friday night, March 18th, around 10:00 p.m., when police learned that the 68-year-old woman was missing from the area near South 116th Street and Timberline Lane in Hales Corners.

Information obtained led officers to search the Emerald Park Landfill in Muskego on Saturday.

Muskego landfill

Investigators were back out at that landfill on Sunday. A FOX6 News crew was there as a stream of unmarked vehicles left the property.

Emerald Park Landfill in Muskego

A 40-year-old man has been arrested and questioned in this case, and police said this man is a person who was known to the 68-year-old woman. He has not been charged.

Robert Rozewicz

Public records show Julie and Robert Rozewicz live at the home near South 116th Street and Timberline Lane in Hales Corners.

Neighbors said they are mother and son.

One neighbor said the last conversation she had with Julie Rozewicz was regarding help for her son's mental health issues.

Robert Rozewicz was charged with a felony in May 2015 -- accused of fleeing an officer. According to a criminal complaint, Rozewicz took gas from a gas station without paying, and wouldn't stop for police.

Court documents show that during the court proceedings, the judge asked for a competency hearing, and Robert Rozewicz was found not competent to proceed. He was ordered committed for treatment for incompetency.

According to Milwaukee County Jail records, Rozewicz is currently being held in jail on a $500,000 bond.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday, Hales Corners police, with the assistance of the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation, the Wisconsin Crime Laboratory, Muskego Police Department, Waukesha County Sheriff's Office, Franklin Police Department, Hales Corners Fire Department and Muskego Fire Department, the search has continued.

Officials are investigating the circumstances surrounding this 68-year-old woman's disappearance.

Again, officials say at this point in time, it is believed the missing woman is most likely deceased.

Search for missing 68-year-old Hales Corners woman

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