Couple gets married in front of Indy 500 fans

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Complete with a beer bottle bouquet and patriotic denim outfits, Kristen Mikesell and Kyle Bloomer got married in the Coke Lot ahead of the Indy 500, according to WXIN.

Kristen Mikesell and Kyle Bloomer have spent the past five years being crazy in love. So when they got engaged this year, they knew they weren't going to have a traditional wedding.

At first, it was a joke. But the idea of getting married in the Coke Lot quickly turned into a mission.

“Everyone’s gonna remember this," said Kristen.

Both their families and friends go to the race every year. It's inexpensive. And Kyle will soon be re-enlisting so they didn't have a whole lot of time to plan a traditional wedding.

Plus, both are race fans.

"I would say it’s not so much the Coke Lot as it is the race. The atmosphere of the race. The memories of being at the race" explained Kyle.

The bride wore a veil, but she swapped a wedding dress for shorts and boots. Her bouquet was in a beer bottle. The groom wore patriotic overall shorts. The groom's father flew in to officiate the wedding.

Whether you think they're nuts or not, it was a day to remember in their already unique love story.

"What’s nuts for them is just a great time for us. And a great experience and wonderful memories down the road," said Kyle.