Couple digs through 8 tons of garbage to find 12-1/2 carat wedding ring

CLARKSON VALLEY, MO – It was the case of missing wedding rings. Two rings lost in eight tons of trash - one of them with a 12 1/2 carat diamond!

The Squitieri's of Clarkson Valley had to get dirty, stinky and lucky to get them back.

It started in the family kitchen Sunday afternoon.  Carla Squitieri's husband was cleaning up around the sink, and early Monday morning the Meridian Waste truck picked up the garbage.

Carla's rings were mixed in with the garbage of more than 900 customers.

After a few prayers and phone calls the Squitieri's realized her rings were in the garbage.  Minutes before they hit the landfill, Meridian diverted their truck to a transfer station and the dig was on.

Joe Evans of Meridian Waste ended up finding the rings.

The rings are insured, but it's the sentimental value that had the Squitieri's digging through rotted food and dirty diapers.  Meridian workers know all about that and say they'd do this for anybody.