Couple attending family event victimized twice in one night

ST. LOUIS - A fun night at an event in downtown St. Louis took a turn for the worst when a family was victimized twice.

The couple attended Monster Jam with their children, then returned to their truck to find a window busted out.

“We saw glass, and that’s when we realized we got broken into,” said the victim who did not wish to be identified.

Shattered glass left them with no window amid freezing temperatures.

Several items were missing from the truck, including car keys, house keys and medication.

“They had the audacity to steal my son's seizure medicine,” said the victim. “He's 3 years old and has seizures, so he needs it three times a day.”

But that's not where the violations ended.

On that medication was their address.

That same night, the couple’s surveillance camera was frozen, but it captured a suspect driving off in their other car, a silver Honda Accord.

“We feel vulnerable, violated and angry,” said the victim.

The couple said there was an entire row of cars broken into at the Monster Jam event.

They are fortunate everyone is okay but disheartened to be robbed twice.

“I picked up an extra shift to be able to afford to take my son, and you just work so hard for someone to steal it from you so easily,” the victim said.

Now, with one car damaged and the other stolen, the family just wants to get back on track and move on.

“Just hoping that we find the car, put whoever it is behind bars if possible, fix the window and pick up and move on,” the victim said.

The couple said they filed a police report with the St. Louis city police about their vandalized truck and with the St. Peters police about their stolen car.