Couple accused of leaving toddler in vehicle while they burglarized a business

WAUPACA (AP) — Waupaca County Sheriff's investigators are recommending child abandonment charges and numerous other counts against a man and woman accused of leaving a toddler in the vehicle while they burglarized a business.

Authorities say the 22-year-old woman and 23-year-old man were arrested at Siegel Enterprises about 3 a.m. Tuesday, October 14th in Helvetia Township after the owner reported a break-in.

Deputies say they found a vehicle belonging to the woman parked behind a neighboring business. A two-year-old boy was inside the vehicle and was crying.

The child was taken to Riverside Medical Center for a checkup and then released to Waupaca County social service workers. The Sheriff's Department hasn't yet said whether the man and woman were the child's parents.

"These kids are sicker than sick. They can`t even take care of themselves, let alone anyone else. They need help. They need counseling. They need rehab," the man's mother said.

The case has been sent to the Waupaca County District Attorney's Office.