County supervisor applauds committee passage of amendment to make MLK Day a major holiday

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) -- Milwaukee County Supervisor Khalif Rainey says committee passage of his amendment to make Martin Luther King Day, Jr. Day a major county holiday was a victory for those who want to honor the fallen civil rights leader.

The resolution would be effective annually for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day beginning on January 19th, 2015.

The resolution states that county offices and institutions may be closed on that day.

Currently, MLK Day is considered a “minor” holiday, meaning county employees may work but would be compensated with a day off on another day during the year. Currently, the state court system and all local courts are closed for MLK Day, and Rainey said he believes all county offices should be closed on that day as a tribute.

“I am confident that the people of Milwaukee County want to live in a place where Dr. King is fully honored on this day. This is a matter of honoring Dr. King, and I believe that Milwaukee County should make a statement by being closed in his memory," Rainey said.

The measure has no impact on the County budget.