County commissioner tells black woman he belongs to 'master race'

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - A Leavenworth County commissioner is being asked to resign after telling a black woman he belongs to a "master race."

Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp made the comment that many are calling racist on Tuesday in response to a presentation by Triveece Penelton on road development options.

Klemp wasn't happy with the options Penelton and a colleague presented at the meeting, according to WDAF.

"I don't want you to think I'm picking on you because we're part of the master race," Klemp told Penelton. "You know you got a gap in your teeth. You're the masters. Don’t ever forget that."

Leavenworth's mayor said he's been overwhelmed with calls and emails, urging him to make a public statement against the Klemp, the county commission chair. And that's exactly what he did Thursday night.

The Leavenworth City Commission released a statement, in part saying it "unequivocally denounces the use of 'master race' or any other language that has historic ties to racism, division and bigotry in any setting at any time."

The Leavenworth City Commission also held a brief 10-minute special session Thursday where the mayor read the city's full statement.

The mayor said it was important to take a stance because Klemp's comments brought negative attention to the entire community.

The city's statement said it has no authority to remove Klemp from office but urged the county commissioner to apologize and resign immediately. Klemp's two fellow county commissioners also called for him to resign.

Klemp's term on the commission is set to end in January, but with growing national attention for all the wrong reasons, the pressure is on for him to step down now.

WDAF reached out to Klemp and the Leavenworth County administrator. Klemp has not responded yet, and the county administrator declined to comment.

Klemp, who once ran for governor, has come under criticism in the past for making racist comments. At this time last year, Klemp also drew fire for comments during another public meeting about holidays in which he admired Confederate General Robert E. Lee.