'Couldn't believe it:' Car crashes into Milwaukee Dollar Tree, creates chaos for customers

MILWAUKEE -- One woman shook things up for shoppers at the Milwaukee Dollar Tree store near Capitol and Holton on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 8.

Dollar Tree is not a drive-thru, but it could have been mistaken for one Wednesday when one driver managed to reverse all the way into the store. It created chaos for customers inside.

Michael Williams heard about what happened -- and drove to the store on Thursday to see the damage for himself.

"I just couldn't believe it," Williams said.

Cellphone video captured the aftermath of the incident -- with one person on the ground and shelving toppled over him. The driver stayed on the scene.

Milwaukee police say the driver was not arrested -- and no citations were issued.

Dollar Tree was back in business soon after the mess was cleaned up inside.

"The store is very important here," Williams said. "It's needed."

Williams said he is thankful the damage is not worse.

"We can't afford to lose stores like this. The community needs stores like this," Williams said.

FOX6 News learned there is surveillance video from inside the store. Calls and emails requesting it from Dollar Tree's corporate office went unanswered.