'Couldn't be here without them:' Winter caregiver visits go a long way for shut-in elderly

GREENFIELD -- Winter weather can sometimes leave the elderly, often shut-in, feeling lonely and helpless, and that's where SYNERGY HomeCare comes in.

Just like figuring out a puzzle, leaders at SYNERGY HomeCare make sure their caregivers and clients are a good fit.

"We match up wonderful caregivers or companions with seniors in our community who might need a little extra care or companionship," said Ruth Busalacchi, owner of SYNERGY HomeCare.

Busalacchi said that pairing is especially important in the winter.

"We worry about people being shut-in," she said.

Ruth Busalacchi

For seniors who still want their independence, a visit goes a long away.

"We can check-in, make sure their groceries are full, and their prescriptions are filled," said Busalacchi. "Be another set of eyes, make sure the furnace is working properly, the dryer vents (are) cleaned out from snow."

During winter, each visit also includes a cold-weather companion kit.

"We've got a nice, warm, fuzzy quilt to hand out to Jeanne," Busalacchi said. "We like to remind them to drink their water. Dehydration is one of the top causes for seniors to land in the hospital."


"I couldn't be here without them. I truly appreciate the help," said Jeanne, a client of SYNERGY HomeCare.

If you would like to receive care or become a caregiver with SYNERGY and help during the winter season, call 414-763-8368 or CLICK HERE.