Convicted bank robber sentenced to 15 years in prison

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man convicted of robbing a Guaranty Bank on Brown Deer Rd. was sentenced to 15 years in prison Tuesday afternoon.

27-year-old Robleh Kahin was convicted on two charges of robbery of a financial institution and one charge of fleeing an officer.

Brown Deer police say Kahin approached the Guaranty Bank on Brown Deer Rd. in September 2011 and an alert employee noticed Kahin was wearing a mask and carrying a long gun. That employee ran and locked the door before Kahin could enter the bank, and Kahin fled.

A 911 call from the bank employee sent police to the area. Minutes later, Glendale police officers noticed a vehicle matching the description of the SUV the suspect was seen driving. The suspect lost control of his vehicle due to a blown tire. He abandoned the SUV and took off on foot.

Police eventually caught up with Kahin near Stormonth Elementary School in Fox Point.

Nobody was hurt during the incident.