Controversy brewing over Cap'n Crunches "Cap'n"

(CNN) -- A tongue-in-cheek controversy over Cap'n Crunch is threatening to sink the reputation of a beloved cereal icon.

It seems Cap'n Crunch may have a mutiny on his hands!

A disgruntled sailor (okay, a writer at has pointed out something fishy is up the Cap'n's sleeve -- three stripes!

According to the U.S. Navy, the rank of captain carries four stripes. Three would indicate the "Cap'n" is actually a commander.

While "Commander Crunch" could conceivably connote coolness -- that's not what the crunchy sweetened corn and oats cereal was called when it first set sail in 1963.

To be fair, the cereal isn't technically called "Cap'n Crunch" but "Cap'n." Maybe the abbreviation in the name applies to the stripes -- or maybe the Cap'n's own explanation will keep his boat afloat.

On Twitter, @RealCapnCrunch wrote: "Of course I'm a Cap'n! It's the crunch, not the clothes that make a man. #PaidMyDues.