Controversial call may have negative economic impact in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- The controversial call at the end of Monday night's Packers-Seahawks game has the potential to have a negative economic impact on businesses throughout Wisconsin. That is, if the Green Bay Packers have the opportunity to play a home playoff game in January.

Jim Kasper is the Sales and Marketing Director for Saz's in Milwaukee. Saz's the operator of the "Tundra Tailgate Zone" -- a big game-day entertainment center just outside of the Oneida entrance at Lambeau Field. Kasper is hoping a home playoff game for the Packers doesn't come down to Monday night's controversial call.

"The playoff games -- a home game advantage benefits everybody. Not getting that -- you can put a number to it and say we don't have a part anymore," Kasper said.

Saz's is the place for lots of people, bands, music and food. Saz's also takes a busload of people from Milwaukee to Lambeau for home games. It's a good, profitable business, but any home playoff games provides more opportunity for Saz's to make money.

"It is a business to take people up and be a part of that -- everything from hotels to restaurants. You don't get that extra home game, that playoff game, it does affect you," Kasper said.

It even affects the excitement at the Saz's Milwaukee restaurant. That's because some diners like to watch the game there on game day.

"Everybody from people in Milwaukee all the way up to Green Bay," Kasper said.

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