Controversial anti-abortion DVD circulating

WEST ALLIS -- Controversial and disturbing. Those are a few of the words critics are using to describe a new DVD circulating in West Allis. It's an anti-abortion disc that's designed to shock and inform people about abortion. Some think the video is gruesome and in poor taste. But the people behind it say, it's absolutely necessary.

The Lenich Family saw two people going door to door one Saturday afternoon.

"I thought actually somebody thought it was trick or treat," said Michael Lenich. "I didn't know if it was anything political."

It wasn't about Halloween and it wasn't about the election. But those same people left a DVD hanging on their door.

"I put it in the DVD player last night and found out it was all about abortion," said Michael Lenich.

"Turned out to be a very graphic," added his mother Frances Lenich.

"It's not Hollywood fiction when we see that graphic abortion images we understand it's a horrible thing," said Jason Storms, the director of the anti-abortion group "Tell the Truth Project."

Storms agrees, the film is graphic, but he defends the controversial work.

"From a child of 6 to 7 to 8 years old and on up, I think this is an important part of their educational development," said Storms.

We asked him if he's shown this particular film to his children, and Storms said he did.

"And that's our hope is that people will see that even from a young age they will recognize life is precious and life in the womb is precious," added Storms.

But parents like Janna Fritz aren't buying into it.

"I have a toddler but he's definitely old enough to able to operate a DVD," said Fritz. "If he were to get a hold of that DVD and stuck it in, it would've been very disturbing and something that he doesn't need to see."

Like the group here in Wisconsin, another anti-abortion group is sending another graphic message. The California-based "Center for Bioethical Reform" will be flying aerial billboards with an aborted fetus on them throughout the state from Friday until election day to convey its message about abortion.